Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hilton Head Part 2: Children's Museum

On Monday morning, we decided to stop by the Hilton Head children's museum. Even though we have reciprocal membership passes to lots of children's museums nationwide, ours wasn't good at this one :( Oh well, at least kids are free until 2 years old, so it wasn't too expensive.

Although small, this museum had tons of things that were fun for young toddlers. As soon as we got there, Russell made a beeline for one of his favorite things:


I am seriously thinking about getting a fish or two for him, he loves them so much!

The next room had lots of toys and a small indoor playground. Of course he found his favorite toys right away.


But he figured out that the playground was fun too - there was a small slide, a few steps, a ramp, and a tunnel - all of which he loved!


We made it upstairs to see another one of Russell's favorite things:



From what I can tell, almost all little boys love train tables. Strangely enough, though, Russell doesn't really care about the Thomas the Train TV show - he likes it okay, but not like his first love, Curious George :)

Photo with Mommy:


Alas, there was one sour note in this experience. One of Russell's favorite animals is an alligator - he points them out in books, on t-shirts, wherever he sees them. So he was thrilled to find this one in the gift shop...which led to a major meltdown when we told him he couldn't take it with him around the museum.


Can't win 'em all, buddy! In the end, I'd still call it a successful outing :)

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