Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Weekend Recap

We had a great long weekend with my family. I always hate coming back to an empty house (no people, no groceries, too much laundry) after a weekend filled with fun.

Not only did we get to see my immediate family, but we also got to see much of my extended family, as we all celebrated my cousin's wedding!

I was way too busy having fun to get many pictures.

Although I captured this sweet one of Uncle Jef and Russell:


Okay, I actually did get a lot of pics at the rehearsal dinner. This is because my mom stayed home with Russell, so my attention wasn't divided :)

This is definitely the best pic of Jason and me in recent memory:


We were early birds to the dinner - here are Jef and Jon with Uncle Dan (before most people had arrived):


But eventually everyone came. This is some of the crowd (let's be honest, most people were hanging around the bar):


Bride and groom!


It was such a nice night - and the wedding the next night was fabulous as well. It really couldn't have been a better weekend. Even the drive wasn't that bad (which is saying a lot with Russell along!)

We've got so many more wonderful things coming up this month - I've been looking forward to September for a long time! Football games, beach, maybe moving? Stay tuned for all those things in the weeks to come :)

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