Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bunch of Randomness

It's only been a week, but so much is happening that I feel like my blog is way behind.

WE ARE OFFICIALLY MOVING! We have a rent-to-own agreement with a nice couple for our condo, and we are moving to a 3-bedroom house that is 5-10 minutes away from our church and Jason's office (instead of 30 like we are now). We could not be happier! Our house is an insane packing zone - there are even boxes in our tiny half bathroom:


And had we known we would be moving, we probably would not have planned 2 big vacations within the next month. But we did, and we will be going here (with family):


And here (Jamaica! for our 5-year anniversary, just the 2 of us!):


Not to mention that it's football season. This may not mean much to you, but for us, it means heading to college football games nearly every weekend. You are hard-pressed to get Jason to miss a single Wolfpack game. In fact, one happens to be on our moving weekend. Who knows how that will happen.

(at a game a few years ago)

Russell has been having fun lately. I picked up these window clings for $1 at Target, mind you, not to decorate with them, but because I thought Russell might enjoy them. And he did!

(Please excuse the grossness of the door - someone likes to put his little hands all over it...and possibly lick it from time to time. I do clean it, but someone said that "cleaning with children in the house is like shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing" - so true.)


Naturally he had to taste one.


Well I guess I won't make this book any longer than it is! Basically, all this is to say, we're having a wonderful, if jam-packed, week/month :)

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