Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beach House Fun

Well, we just returned from an amazing, relaxing {as much as possible with a 15-month-old, anyway}, sun-soaked, family-filled week at the beach! Beautiful weather, although a little bit hot, but no rain all week! We were there an entire week, as were Jason's parents and Jason's aunt Nancy, and for the last part of the week, Jason's cousins Scott and Kate came, and Jason's cousin Kasey came with her girls Anna and Renee! A packed house, but very fun!

I've decided to break this up into a few different posts because I have tons of pictures, of course! So this post is about Russell's enjoyments besides the ocean and sand.

We packed probably 75% of his toys (that he currently uses) and 12 board books in a huge suitcase, knowing that even with family and the ocean, the kid gets bored sometimes.

This was one of his favorite spots all week:


He loved climbing in the suitcase and playing, and he also loved repeatedly climbing in and out of the suitcase. Too cute :)

Sweet Paw Paw and Kacki brought along a pool for Russell, which he sat in (and climbed in and out of, too) every day after getting out of the ocean.


Trying to catch (and/or drink) running water - always a favorite activity.

His expression in this next picture reminds me so much of my brother Jon's "Elvis" expression when he was a baby!


Our beach house was oceanfront (the only way to be!) and had a nice deck with 4 rocking chairs. Russell really liked them.



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