Sunday, September 26, 2010


Kasey and her girls, Anna (4) and Renee (2), met us at the beach on Thursday night. (Tony, Kasey's husband, couldn't make it due to work.) The girls were so excited to see and play with Russell. It was adorable. The last time they were together was at Thanksgiving - don't know if the girls remembered him or not but they loved him! They thought his baby talk was hilarious and would laugh whenever he said something :)

In the photo below, Russell had wanted to sit in the chair so I plopped him in there. Quick as a wink, Anna and Renee had climbed up there too to be with him! He didn't really know what to make of it.


I also got a few pictures of them by the water:



I wish I had gotten more pictures of them together, but as you can imagine, the whole day was pretty chaotic! It was so nice to see them - they are such sweet girls. Now that they live about 4 hours closer to us, hopefully we will see them more often :)

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