Sunday, September 26, 2010

Salt in the air, Sand at my feet

{title - The Embers, anyone? :)}

I could not believe how much Russell enjoyed both the ocean and the sand! I was completely expecting meltdowns at the loud ocean noise (since he doesn't like loud noises) and eating fistfuls of sand. Well, some sand did get eaten, but only when he was late for snack time or meal time.

Russell wanted to walk A LOT. As he's not steady on his feet yet, Jason and I spent the majority of the time passing him back and forth when one of our backs got sore.


Russell went as far into the waves as we'd let him go. He had no fear and even thought it was funny when some of the waves almost knocked him over.


He also loved picking out his favorite shells and handing them to us.


Of course, there were a few times when he just did not want to be out there anymore. In the below picture, Russell is screaming, Jason is saying "this isn't working, no pictures, let's just go in" and I'm really trying to pretend we're going to get a happy family picture.


Russell already had a bit of a tan prior to this beach trip so I really tried hard to avoid the peak sun hours and apply that 50 SPF liberally! Hopefully he didn't get too much "bad" sun but either way, he had a great time out there!

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