Monday, September 20, 2010

Rah-rah, Carolina-lina

I know it's possible, but I really can't fathom how one could not love Chapel Hill. The Old Well, Top of the Hill, Tar Heel blue skies - so many things to love.

We experienced all of it on Saturday when we went to the football game. (Granted, we didn't win, but I had a great day regardless.)

The most important part:


Some of my favorite girls in the world - my best friends from college, my sorority sisters. I could fill books with the good memories I have with these girls. I'm so glad we still keep in touch.

Edit: and here's my favorite pic of us from college - Spring Break 2004 in Mexico:


Just a fun little trip down memory lane :)

Anyway, Jason and I parked near my sorority house and took a little tour, then headed down near the stadium to meet the girls and their fiances/boyfriend for some cornhole, photos, and general tailgating.

Then, the game:


Seats on the lower level (thanks Alisha!) It was a really close game and fun to watch, but it got SO HOT...isn't it supposed to be fall? So after the first half, we walked back through campus - stopping for an Old Well photo op:


...and then watched the rest of the game at Top of the Hill (much better food, great atmosphere, COOLER!)


(oh yeah, and SOMEONE didn't wear Carolina blue - but neither did Anna's fiance (also a State grad))

And Russell had a great time with Paw Paw and Kacki. Could not have been a better day. Carolina, priceless gem, receive all praises thine!

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  1. what a great time:) i have to go back there. i don't think 2 days was long enough to find a place there...i guess when your rushed, you think it sucks and you don't belong there but one of my best friends lived there and keeps telling me it's fabulous:) now i'm reading here that it is. i gotta get out of FL though....haha:) have a lovely week