Monday, August 30, 2010

"Oh, he's so smart!"

One of Jason's best friends from college, Chris, came over with his wife Jaidy last week.


While the guys did a necessary (but complicated) switch-out of our bathroom fan, Jaidy and I entertained Russell and then cooked dinner - shrimp scampi with pasta and salad - yum!

After a half hour, this was absolutely the only evidence left that there even was a dinner:


One lonely shrimp - I'm glad it was enjoyed!

About the title of this post: Jaidy was having a great time playing with Russell, and he really liked her too. At one point, we had this little exchange:

Me to Russell: "Where are your toes?"
[Russell grabs his foot]
Jaidy (in her adorable Puerto Rican accent): "Oh, he's so smart!"
Me: " this. Russell, where's your head?"
[Russell pats his stomach]

I don't know why, but he always pats his stomach when I ask him where his head is! One day he'll figure it out, and then this will just be another funny when-you-were-little story :)

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