Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Children's Museum

We met our MOPS group and our playgroup at the Children's Museum this morning. It was the first time Russell had been. Unfortunately, there were about ten million children there, so he did get a bit overwhelmed on occasion. But in the end, I'd say we still had a good time :)

This picture cracks me up: Russell doing his normal check-out-all-the-wheels thing, and Lily staring at him like what the heck are you doing, kid?!


Eliza and Lily playing nicely:


Russell and Cole. Sidenote: see how Russell's shirt is soaked? I've got to get this child a sippy cup that he can't figure out how to dump on himself!


Taking a peek at the play food in the kitchen:


I think this last photo captures such a cute, serious look. {There was an announcement coming over the loudspeaker, and Russell just stopped to figure out where that voice was coming from.}


Russell was definitely worn out by the time we left. Hopefully, this means a long afternoon nap!

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  1. oh a nap is always deserving:) great captures:)