Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kruisin' for the Kids

That was the name of the car show we visited today. Mind you, I know nothing about cars, but we all had a great time! We love different (and free!) activities.

There weren't too many people at the show, but there was a DJ, and some food vendors set up shop nearby. Russell loved dancing to the music and really enjoyed looking at the cars.

This car was one of the prettiest. (I have no idea what make, model, or year it is.)


I thought the fabric inside this Gremlin was really interesting. Jason said Gremlins are dangerous cars - something about blowing up the gas tank, apparently I was really paying attention - so you don't see many around.


Several of the cars had little displays set up in or around them. This is a tiny replica of this particular car sitting inside of its own engine:


Sort of unrelated: I've been attempting to get interesting self-portraits (so far most have been duds) - here's one such attempt (me reflecting through a car window):


I love this picture - Jason, Russell, the cars - kind of captures the car show from my perspective:


Jason did a great job taking this picture - my new fave of Russell and me! (Of course, I did change the settings for him and frame the shot...but hey, he pushed the button ;))


I wouldn't call myself a car show kind of girl in general, but I would definitely go to another car show with these 2 guys.

Well, really, I'd go about anywhere with them :)


  1. I'm not much of a car person but these shots are incredible and have me more interested. My husband's grandfather (well the whole family) is into cars, especially older cars. It would probably benefit me to enjoy such car shows.

  2. Beautiful!! I would love to know what settings you had your camera on for that last shot.. ?? ISO, Shutter, Apeture?

  3. OH.. and the first one!! I have problems with depth ... that one is amazing!!