Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Week with CC

We are really enjoying Classical Conversations! The kids are learning so much.

Paige is not technically in CC (the age for classes is 4+), but she even knows our history work and some of our science and math. Her stalling-bedtime question for me tonight was, "Did Charlemagne wear a white shirt?" (To be fair, she also asked me if superheros wear underwear :) I love that funny girl!)

Daphne, of course, is not in CC either, but it is HILARIOUS to watch her as she tries to copy the hand motions for our timeline song!

Normally we have a nursery worker during CC, but she was sick this week, so I taught in the nursery for an hour (along with the 8th grade nursery helper, Mia.) I got some cute pictures of the kids!

I'm the CC field trip coordinator for the year (a job I chose out of several volunteer job options). So I planned a field trip to the Wheaton College Children's Concert, a free concert put on by the college's symphony orchestra and concert choir. It was really good and the kids really enjoyed it! Four other families from our group joined us.

We are so blessed by this group of families and the classical education model!

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