Saturday, September 24, 2016

California Day 1

We had an amazing 10-day trip to Orange County and LA, California, this month!

I almost talked myself out of it (and Jason almost talked himself out of it, too). It may have been crazy to take 4 little children across the country - and to stay with our friends who also have four little children and just moved in to their house :-P

But we're glad we didn't talk ourselves out of it. We couldn't have had a better time.

Daphne did great on her first flight! Jason sat with Paige and Russell; I sat with Meredith and Daphne. The kids were total troopers all day; we had gotten up at 4 am for our flight and they were all really good the whole day.

We did have some issues getting our rental car...but we had fun in the limo that picked us up from the airport!

We had some quiet time and nap time at our friends' house, and then went to the Patels' house to see Pops and Mimi (who were also visiting!) and Uncle Jef and Aunt Sejal and baby cousin Kieran. 

Bocci ball:

Playing outside:

And then we went back to our friends' house for much-needed rest! It was a great, tiring first day of vacation.

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