Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Daphne's Birthday Party!

We had a fun first birthday party for Daphne on Sunday afternoon! I meant for it to be small, and then I kept inviting I'm really glad it didn't rain because I'm not sure if everyone would have fit in our house!

We invited everyone to the park in our neighborhood for an afternoon of snacks and cake and friendship! It was hot but fun!

We invited church friends, neighbors, and homeschooling friends - most of our closest friends here, and most of the most important IL people in Daphne's life :)

Some of our GPN friends, Stacy and Cindy:

Our next-door neighbor Eric, our church friend Dan, our homeschooling friend Chia:

Our awesome teen neighbors, Nick and Sophie:

Russell and Darren ran around for hours and had so much fun!

Meredith, Merideth (yep!), and Daphne! Between these girls and Sophie, we had some great babysitting help at the party!

Our food theme was "Daphne's Favorites:" blueberries, cheese, chips and guacamole, corn dog muffins, and cake/cupcakes. Simple! (We forgot the watermelon at home :( )

I made a photo booth backdrop! And props! (This is the only decor I made, because I said I was going to keep it simple - but when I get on Pinterest, I can't help myself!)

Daddy's baby girl :)

Opening her presents...

...with lots of help!

And finally, Daphne had her first taste of cake! We got her a small(ish) smash cake. She was a bit skeptical of so many people singing to her, and the fact that no one would let her touch the candle.

Oh, but the cake was love at first bite!

It was exactly how I hoped it would be. A perfect party for a perfect little one-year-old.

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