Saturday, August 6, 2016

Swim Team Banquet 2016

Russell and Meredith had their swim team banquet on Sunday! This was their first time attending any sort of banquet. They enjoyed it :)

Here they are with the rest of the 6 and under team. (I think Russell intentionally hid behind the kid in navy - he gets nervous at these types of things!)

They all got medals, and they got to keep their poster strip which has their best times written down as well as how often they dropped time. (The posters were displayed at the practices the morning after a meet.)

Their team gives each swimmer a "paper plate award." The coaches get up and say something funny/sweet/cute about each kid and gives them a silly award that identifies them that season. The kids LOVED it. (And they love their sweet friend Chloe!)

They were sad to see swim team end. We'll be back next summer!

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