Monday, September 26, 2016

Cali Beach Fun

Of course, we spent many days at the beach (well, different beaches) while in California! Our friends' house is 3 miles off the coast in Huntington Beach, and we went to several beach spots.

One day, we took a ferry across a harbor. The kids loved it - except, it rained the whole time we were there that morning! Very unusual for this time of year.

This was our kids' first experience collecting shells. They all loved it!

We took a picnic to the beach one evening to watch the sun set. So beautiful. (And the pizza was so sandy!) But everyone had a great time.

Just another beautiful day at the beach...

The kids nicely took turns pulling each other on the boogie boards. Actually, they all got along really well all week.

Paige and Caleb forged a sweet friendship :) She told me they were "getting materials" and cooking.

I can't leave out the watersports that Jason learned! He practiced stand up paddleboard for about an hour one evening with Ben:

(and Russell pretended to surf):

and Jason learned to surf (and loved it, of course).

We took dinner to the beach one other night...and it was SO COLD. All of our kids were crying by the end (except Russell - that kid loves the cold and is so good-natured anyway). Probably the most ill-thought-out decision we made that week. Win some, lose some.

This was a bay and bird estuary, not actually the beach - but there was sand and water, so it counts! A beautiful, sunny day and a happy crew!

So much beach fun and so many warm, beautiful days! We can definitely see why people live here!

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