Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jef/Sejal/Kieran Weekend

Our friends were out of town visiting family one of the weekends we were in CA, and they graciously allowed not only us to stay, but also offered to let Jef, Sejal, and Kieran stay at their house as well so that we could spend more time with them.

Friday nights are always pizza and movie night :) Strangely enough, the kids requested the same movie they watched when Jef and Sejal visited us in Chicago (Veggie Tales Jonah).

Janet and Ben had recommended a Saturday morning activity for us. Every week, a group called "Donut Derelicts" gathers at a donut shop in Huntington Beach and holds an informal classic car show. We are always up for a car show! And I wish I had gotten a picture of the donuts - they were specialty donuts and so delicious!

The boy cousins!

(2 of) The baby cousins!

They were playing a sort of modified Twister game :)

In the afternoon, we visited the Huntington Beach pier. It was a beautiful afternoon! We got the kids ice cream cones from Ruby's (a diner chain):

We were also excited to see a favorite pastor of ours, Ray Comfort (, who preaches every Saturday at the pier. Jason got to meet and speak to him a bit.

We got at 3:30: home wayyy past Daphne's naptime, and much too late for Paige to start napping, so she read a book with Uncle Jef:

and we did a little hanging out before they had to leave!

(If we photoshop Pops and Jon in here, we'll have all the boys of the family in one pic!)

Super fun family time :)

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