Saturday, September 24, 2016

California: Dana Point, baby beach

We met at Sejal's parents' house again on Sunday. We wanted to go to an old ships and pirates festival  at the Ocean Institute, about 5 minutes from their house.

When we got to the festival, we realized it wasn't free like we had originally thought, so we didn't go in. But we got to see an awesome pirate battle reenacted anyway. Blackbeard was captured.

...So, we wlked over to the Dana Point baby beach. Lots of photo ops!

We hadn't brought bathing suits, but we couldn't keep the kids out of the ocean - especially Paige and Daphne!

So glad I stripped her down before letting her crawl around! She LOVED the beach (just as much as she hated getting cleaned up after!)

After we got everyone cleaned up, we got lunch at McDonald's:

...and everyone napped at the Patels' house for a couple of hours after. Another fun day!

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