Sunday, October 16, 2016

Keller's Farmstand!

We love going to the pumpkin patch every year!

Last weekend, we went back to the same farm we visited last year. (Unfortunately, our neighbors were working and couldn't come with us.) It was a nice, sunny day and we had a great time!

We took some pumpkin patch pictures right away, even though the lighting wasn't right for it :(

Our second stop was to get the hot and fresh apple cider donuts, and pumpkin spice donuts. Soooo yummy.

We opted to skip the corn maze this year since it was a bit tricky and long for the kids last year. So we went straight to the tractors, slides, etc.

There was a little barn to the right of the tractor area with goats and horses and calves. The kids especially enjoyed watching the smart little goat trying to open the gate to the pen - although, maybe she wasn't that smart, because it was the pen next to hers :)

(Pen-opening goat below):

Then we took the hay ride. I wasn't sure how Daphne would do to be still for that long, but she really loved it (like the rest of the farm!)

Lastly, I had to get a picture of our smallest pumpkin with this cute sign:

We had a great trip to the farm again! Love this time of year :)

I have to include this picture of Russell - he did a great job carving this pumpkin the day after we went to the farm. This picture just epitomizes fall for me - his outfit, the pumpkin.  Love this kid!

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