Thursday, May 24, 2012

Disney World: Magic Kingdom, day 2, and Downtown Disney

We were awakened bright and early (6:45?) by my dad on Thursday morning so we could take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom.  (EMH are hours that are only available to those saying in Disney resorts – on that day, Magic Kingdom had an EMH from 8-9 am.  It makes the park much less crowded.)  My dad is like me on steroids.  For those who think that I’m organized, itinerary-ized, a planner, and efficient – well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Once we got to Magic Kingdom, I was really glad he had gotten us moving do to this EMH.  There was no crowd, there were no lines, and (sadly) I took practically no pictures because we were so excited to get on all the rides as fast as possible!

Here are some photos I did take:


After the Winnie-the-Pooh ride – this little house was so cute and the picture doesn’t really do it justice.


Terrible picture on the Buzz Lightyear ride (that’s what I get for taking my cell phone but not my camera on that day).  Side note: the Buzz Lightyear ride was pretty cool – it was like being in an interactive video game.  You were supposed to shoot at the aliens on the ride with your laser gun.  My dad got 800,000-some points!  (If you get 999,000 you win a button – not a big deal but it would have been cool!  We didn’t know that until the ride was over, though.)


We also went on the Peter Pan ride, the Astro Orbiter (similar to Dumbo but with rocket ships instead of elephants), the jungle cruise, and the train around the park, and visited the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.  We were done with everything on our agenda by 11:30!

By that time, Meredith was none too happy (on the train)…


…so my mom and I took her back to the villa while the guys stayed to do a couple more things.

Later that afternoon, after lunch/naps, we decided to visit Downtown Disney rather than going back to Magic Kingdom.  Downtown Disney is basically shops, restaurants, and entertainment.  We rode a ferry from our resort over to the Downtown Disney area:


and visited the Lego shop – this is the first time Russell has ever shown interest in legos/duplos!:


We then stopped into the Disney store to get souvenirs for the kids (Russell picked cars – shocker – while Meredith got a Minnie Mouse light-up thing), and then back on the boat to the resort.

And that was it – our Disney trip!  The next day was filled with travel: 7 am bus to the airport, 10:20 flight, noon arrival, but because of some snafus, we didn’t end up at home until 4 pm (yikes!)  I’ve almost never seen Meredith happier: she walked around giggling, picking up all of her toys, walk-running from room to room.

And Jason and I fell into our couches and began planning a real vacation – one where the kids will stay home!

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