Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disney World: Epcot


Again, not wanting to wake up Meredith early, we were a bit late getting to Epcot on Wednesday morning (meaning around 9:30 – which is pretty late when you know you’ll have to leave by noon at the latest for naps and lunch).  Of course I appreciated the free transportation to and from Disney on the buses, but when you factor in waiting for a bus, riding and stopping to pick up more people, and going through the line to get in to the park, it sometimes took an hour to get from our villa to the park.  Meredith was not super happy about this arrangement.  Russell liked the bus rides and is still talking about them Smile

Anyway, by the time we got to the line for the Epcot entrance, Meredith was already having such a fit that my mom offered to take her back to the villa before even entering Epcot.  (The all-day rain that day probably didn’t help M’s mood.) I declined.  We were at Epcot, and we were going to have fun, dang it! Smile

She started enjoying herself when we got to our first ride, the Finding Nemo ride.  (Russell has the goofiest “cheese” face – can’t get him to stop making it!)


After the ride, the kids (and Jason and I and Pops and Mimi) enjoyed looking around the aquarium a little bit.


Next, we went on the Livin’ with the Land ride.  It was a fun little boat ride.

Those were the only two rides that Meredith (and Jason) got to go on.  She was completely melting down at that point.  Oh well.  He took her back to the villa while the rest of us stayed a bit longer.  It was just as well, because I think she would have been bored with the rest of it.  Epcot was a little old for both of the kids.  Russell did go on the Spaceship Earth ride with my parents while Jef, Sejal and I rode this TERRIBLE (to me) astronaut simulation ride – another thing I’m apparently too old for: simulation rides - and then hung out with Uncle Jef and Sejal while the rest of us rode Soarin’. 

I think this photo was after Soarin’: me, Kelly, Jon and my mom.


After we took Russell home, Jason and I were able to go back out and visit the countries of Epcot.  Because of all the rain, I didn’t get any photos.  But we had a delicious gelato concoction and cappuccino in Italy!  The countries were Jason’s favorite part of the whole trip.

We came back in time for baths and bedtime:


and that was our day!  One more day in Disney: Magic Kingdom part 2 coming next!

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