Friday, May 25, 2012

13 months old!

(Quick cell phone pictures – nothing fancy!)


I wasn’t going to do a 13 month update on Meredith, but she’s doing some new things that I don’t want to forget!

The biggest news: Meredith is really starting to talk!  Most of the time, I (and possibly Russell and Jason) are the only ones who would understand these words, but that’s how talking starts.  So far, her words include:

  • Hello: she will put a phone up to her ear and say it.
  • Bye: usually after I say it to someone (on the phone or in person).
  • Uh-oh: when something is dropped.
  • Balloon (“boo”): her favorite thing!  She points them out everywhere – you wouldn’t believe how many balloons there are in everyday life that you wouldn’t notice unless Meredith was with you Smile

I love and am so relieved that she is talking.  I didn’t think she had the problems that Russell did, but you just don’t know until they start talking.


She has also started signing!  I’ve been trying to teach her signs for a while, but it suddenly clicked.  She is signing “more” and “all done.” She has also signed “please” and “thank you”.  I’m working on “help” so she can do that instead of screaming!  She has quite a squeal!

Meredith’s gross motor skills are developing as well.  She is a fearless climber and we have caught her on top of the train table several times.  She experiments with walking backwards and walking in circles.


Meredith, you are curious, independent (but still a Mommy’s girl), and definitely have an opinion of your own!  We love you so much!

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