Monday, February 27, 2012

You do what you have to do

Both kids have been sick since Saturday.  And everyone gets fussy when sick, but one of the actual symptoms of this illness is fussiness.  So you can imagine how happy our household has been!

Today, though, we had the highlight of our day, when both kids were really happy for 30 minutes (!) and it was very accidental.

Can you tell what Russell’s doing that made his day?


As he put it, he’s “watching the digger digging a deep hole!”  Across the (busy) street from our doctor’s office, a big extension is being build onto the hospital.  So we ran across that busy street to watch the diggers for 30 minutes.  I’m sure Russell would have stayed longer, but the workers stopped for the day.

Meredith didn’t care a bit about the construction, but she is happy as a clam anytime she can play with my car keys.


So if you happened to pass us on that street today, now you know what we were doing!  You do what you have to do!

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