Friday, February 24, 2012

Cell Phone Pics

Last week, Jason had a 5-day business trip, and Russell stayed with Paw Paw and Kacki for part of that time. 

What did the girls do when their boys are away? 

We went for walks (side note: she looks so big to me here!  That stroller swallowed her just a few short months ago!):


Took sink baths – Meredith loves her bath time!


We also went to the children’s museum, had dinner with friends, and went to our normal Wednesday morning Bible study.  I know she missed Jason and Russell, but I think she enjoyed having Mommy to herself!


Every Thursday, Russell’s in preschool and it’s girls-only time for the morning.  After Meredith’s morning nap, you can find us at a toy store singing along with Mr. Nigel!  It’s free, it’s at a perfect time (right between nap and lunch time), and he’s enthusiastic and sweet with the kids.


And sometimes we get to play instruments, like the bells!



We had a very small Valentine’s party with our playgroup one day (“very small” because half the group ended up being sick).  The kids ate chocolate, passed out valentines, and just played.  We sat the big kids on the trampoline for a quick photo.


…but I had to get a pic of my little one too Smile


I’ve decided I need to bring my camera with me more often – enough of these cell phone pics!  The challenge is going to be fitting it in the already-stuffed diaper bag…hmmm.

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