Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Party

Russell was very excited to go to our friends’ house for the Superbowl party tonight.  He didn’t remember Parker (it has been maybe a year since we’d really seen him), but he was excitedly saying, “Go to friend’s house and watch the football game!”  I think he was stir-crazy from being sick last week!

Parker had plenty of cars to play with!  I think Parker’s mom (my friend Devon) got a kick out of how excited Russell gets when he sees cars.  And Meredith wanted to be right there with the big kids.



Devon and Chad made chili and cornbread, and we had some apps and desserts as well.  Delicious!


Meredith had a blast playing on the couch while Jason watched the football game.  She also really loved their big dog – she just cracked up while he sniffed and licked her.  Silly girl!


Jason and Russell did watch some of the game!  Jason was pulling for the Giants while, according to Russell’s preschool craft, he was pulling for the


Who knew?

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