Sunday, February 5, 2012

Portraits of a Saturday


We had such a nice Saturday.  My parents came up so we could celebrate my 30th birthday a few days early.  My mom and I went to afternoon tea at a nice hotel here in town, and we all had pizza and birthday cake for dinner.  That’s all I wanted, really.  I used to want 3-hour gourmet meals at The Melting Pot and other nice restaurants here in town.  Now when I think about those types of things all I can think is either a) we have to find a babysitter or b) how will I keep the kids entertained at a “boring” restaurant? 

Anyway.  So what else did we do on Saturday?

We gave Russell a hair cut.  This was the “downer” of the day.  If you’ve never seen Russell have a hair cut, you never want to.  He is more frightened of hair cuts than of anything else in the world.  Sobs, screams, sweats – you would think we were cutting off more than just his hair.  We’ve tried snacks, sippy cup, his favorite movies playing, scissors vs  clippers – everything.  This time, we gave two of his animal friends “hair cuts” in an attempt to show Russell it wasn’t bad.



It didn’t help.  Oh well, at least it’s over until next time!

Then, more fun things: there was lots of play time with Pops and Mimi!



A great day with some of my favorite people!

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