Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playgroup Christmas Party

This morning, Sara (and Lily) hosted a playgroup Christmas party for all of us, complete with Christmas cookies, a book exchange for the children and an ornament exchange for the moms. We had such a good time!

With 6 squirmy, on-the-go toddlers, I was sure there was no way we would get a picture. But we were all able to get several! We sat them on the couch with their presents (as a distraction), and they all actually stayed there!

L to R: Russell, Eliza, Cole, Lily, Parker, Joshua. (Poor Lily was not happy about the pictures.)


Russell and Eliza:


When we exchanged books, Devon realized that the book I gave Parker was one he already had at home. So we switched presents. That was just fine with Russell; he literally screamed with excitement at every single page in this truck book!


What a nice morning! We love our playgroup!

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  1. Of course Parker's the only one looking in a different direction! Thanks for switching...looks like Russell will love the truck book as much as Parker does :)