Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent all day on Christmas Eve at Jason's cousin's house, about an hour and a half drive from us. A lot of Jason's family came: cousins, aunt and uncle, parents.

We arrived around 11 and everyone congregated in the kitchen when the ham finished cooking for lunch:

adults Christmas 2010

Russell's Christmas Eve can pretty much be summed up in this picture:


Hunter is Jason's cousin's and his wife's dog. He was so patient as Russell rolled around on top of him, head-butted him (a sure sign of Russell love) and hugged him all day. Russell loves dogs and could not have been more excited to hang out with Hunter.

Later in the day, everyone went to the living room to open presents. (We distracted Russell a little with Cheerios, as he got bored easily.)

Christmas gifts 2010

I have to say, Russell's 2nd cousins Anna (5) and Renee (2) were so cute with Russell. They wanted to include him in everything and gave him lots of their toys to play with. They were constantly saying, "Look at this, baby Russell!" and "play with this toy, baby Russell!"

Side note: Anna was showing me a crown from her birthday party, so I asked her when her birthday was. She said, "I don't know when it was my birthday. I think a couple years ago." Haha!


We all had a great time...although Russell was certainly not a happy car-rider on the way home. He never sleeps in the car - not sure why I thought this time would be different. Oh well, at least our Christmas present this morning was Russell sleeping until 8 am!

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