Sunday, December 12, 2010

Natural Science Center

After church and Russell's nap, we headed over to the Natural Science Center this afternoon for a fun family activity. I really thought it would be more crowded on a weekend day, but we enjoyed not running into crowds.

First, we got to see what Russell would look like as a bug. I think he would be quite cute :)


Russell played a little with Daddy in the kiddie play area - here they are on this teetor-totter-like thing:


Russell and me in front of the stegasaurus:


His favorite thing BY FAR were all the life-sized animal replicas. More specifically, he loved the T Rex. He would run to look at something else, then run back to the T Rex and stare at it in awe and then scream with happiness. So funny.



Second favorite thing: the fish. He kept trying to touch them - I don't know if he thought he could just reach through the glass, or what...


We will definitely be doing this again - Russell enjoyed it so much, and Jason and I did too.

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