Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I really wanted to get our Christmas tree last weekend, but we just couldn't get it together until today. Jason insisted that we needed to have a truck to carry the tree in, so we borrowed a friend's (thanks, Jamie and Heather :))

If I haven't mentioned this, Russell LOVES trucks. He was way more interested in the truck than the Christmas trees.


I made him (and Jason) get a picture with the trees anyway. I'm pretty sure he was looking at the truck the whole time.

We didn't end up getting this tree. Side note: I just think his shirt is adorable. And he will be wearing it several more times before Christmas - so be prepared to see it again :)


Oh, AND it started snowing at the Christmas tree place! How perfect is that? It's like a storybook Christmas tree outing. Well, except toddlers in storybooks probably don't keep trying to run after the cars in the street.

The tree has found its spot in our house, but it's still naked. I plan to post pictures of it once it's decorated!


  1. Yeah for Christmas trees! Hope to get ours this week. The snow really was pretty! It started while we were at the parade. Cold but fun!

  2. Looks like Russell is feeling better! I sure hope so! No worries on dinner. I'll talk to you soon!