Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veggie Fun

Russell's first veggies have mostly been more fun for Jason and me than for baby! He makes the most hilarious faces when he eats them, and coughs so dramatically like he can't stand it. But then he opens his mouth w i d e for another spoonful!

His first-ever vegetable was pumpkin - you would think he liked it by the way he grabbed the spoon, but it wasn't his favorite:

Then we went for peas - he definitely isn't a fan. It took him 2 meals to finish 1 serving.

And finally, sweet potatoes: the first veggie he's actually liked! He gobbled them up! (Although in this picture, he's very interested in his toes!)

This is why it's so messy when we feed our little man - as soon as I go to get another spoonful, this is what happens...

...hands in the mouth!

See what I mean about opening up for more?

Such a funny boy! Fruits are coming up soon - I have a feeling he'll like them more than the veggies!

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  1. Tyler loved sweet potatoes :) yes, usually fruits are big hits!