Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 months old!

I really can't believe our baby is almost 1/2 year old. Time sure flies!

Here are some of his 5 month photos:

What Russell is into lately:

~He is ticklish! We discovered it when changing his clothes - he would start laughing when pulling his shirt over his head. His neck and underarms are his ticklish spots. His sweet little laughs are too cute.
~Favorite foods so far (in order): pears, bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, cereal (rice or oatmeal). Everything else, he could take it or leave it.
~He started rolling back to front about 2 days after I wrote his 4 month old post, so there is no more set tummy time - he does it whenever he wants!
~He really enjoys the exersaucer! He will play with something, then look over at me and grin like, "Can you believe I'm doing this, Mom?" [Thanks for letting us use it, Ryan and Amy!]
~He likes playing independently for about 10 minutes now - a nice break for me and Jason :)
~He is working on sitting up - definitely has a long way to go!
~He notices other babies now and is quite interested in them. At our Thursday playgroups, he will look at and talk to the other babies - even screaming at them - not because he's upset necessarily, just to hear himself, I think. A little like his Daddy there ;)
We say Russell has an "intense" personality - he has never been a calm, even-keel baby! He lets you know how he feels about everything in a very dramatic fashion! He is such a joy to be around and brings so much extra into our lives. We can't wait for tomorrow - celebrating his first Thanksgiving with many little second cousins!

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