Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Going Private, Part 2

If you missed it, scroll down and read the last post about my blog going private. I need your email address if you want to keep reading.

If you have never read a private blog/don't have a Google account, this is how it works:

--On Wednesday, you will get an email from me saying that you've been invited to read my blog. There will be a link to click in the email.
--The link will take you to a sign-in page. At this point, if you have never created a Google login and password, you'll need to do so. (If you already have one, just use it.)
--Once you log in, you will be taken to my blog.
--Thereafter, if you want to read my blog, just go to the URL ( and it will prompt you to log in. After you log in, it will take you to the blog.

I hope that makes sense! It's fairly self-explanatory once you see it.

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