Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Check!

I made a small list of fun activities for our family to do this summer – a little “summer bucket list.” I love structure, so summer – with the end of MOPS, weekly Bible study at church, and our homeschool co-op – can overwhelm me a little. So this list has given me some focus!

One item on the list that we checked off last weekend: going to City Lake Park and riding the rides!

When we arrived, we rode the little train around the park. They loved it!


(I’ve figured out how to get her to smile (well, sometimes) – you ask her to smile! How easy is that? You’d think I would have tried that earlier! But like I said, it only works sometimes; she is 2, after all!)


The carousel was next on our list – another hit!


This is an emphatic “cheese” face!


We played on the playground after that, but not for too long – it got really hot really fast! But we had a great couple of hours!

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