Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Russell’s Birthday

Russell had a wonderful birthday yesterday! However, I do think he was a little too hyped up for it, because he kept getting into trouble all day – sorry buddy, we don’t skip time-outs and spankings, even on birthdays!

But anyway, to the fun stuff:

Lots of movie theatres have $1 kids’ movies in the summer, so we decided to do one of those. I also decided to take Meredith with us instead of hiring a sitter, even though I didn’t know how long she’d last. We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. I probably wouldn’t see it again, but we’re very particular about what the kids watch. They enjoyed about an hour of it, by which time Meredith was getting up and starting to inch her way to the stairs. I know Russell could have sat through the whole thing, but he was very good about having to leave in the middle.


They each got way too much junk food, but I think that’s what birthdays are for Smile Fruit snacks, popcorn, and pink lemonade!



After we left, we headed to Toys and Co to let Russell spend a little of his birthday money from Grandmother. I talked him out of getting a (third) car carrier truck and a (second) dinosaur race track, and heavily guided him toward a gas station for his Hot Wheels. He loves it!

After the kids’ naps, we tried to make it to the pool, but when we got there, it started raining and thundering and didn’t stop all night. I had grand plans of a picnic dinner, but we brought our picnic back home instead.

Earlier in the week, when I asked Russell what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he thought for a minute and said he wanted blueberries and cupcakes Smile I added cheeseburgers and chips to the list. He was happy!


After dinner, he opened two presents from us: a new board game called The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel and a new book called The Squire and the Scroll. We played the game twice last night and even Meredith understood and enjoyed it!

For my memories: Poor Meredith just didn’t understand why it wasn’t her birthday too. She kept saying things like “I’m going to blow out the candle on my cupcake like this – (blowing noise)!” and “Can I open the birthday presents?” We kept reminding her of her party in April but I guess she can’t get the concept that that means she won’t have another one for quite a while!

Russell, it was fun having such a special day with you! I’m so blessed to be your mom!

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