Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Russell is 4!

Russell is four years old! (I’m planning to take his 4 year photos soon!)


Weight and Height: TBD at doctor’s appointment. About a month ago, he was 40 in tall and 39 lbs. I imagine he’s still around the 75th percentile.

Clothes and shoes: 3T or 4T and size 8 wide.

Favorite foods and drinks: cheese, anything sweet, cheeseburgers, pickles, apple juice.

Favorite toys/books/shows: cars still, of course, but we’ve also branched out to monster trucks! He also enjoys playing with dinosaurs, and he loves to play pretend. Favorite book is still Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry, but he loves all kinds of books and loves to be read to. His current favorite show is a sort of kid documentary about monster trucks on Netflix.


Notables – aka, things that make Russell Russell:

  • Russell has never met a stranger, and anyone he talks to tells us he’s the most adorable kid ever. But watch out if he gets you in a conversation, because you’ll never get out of it! He’s a talker (and a loud one) like his dad!
  • Russell prefers a few friends to a large group. He is much more likely to play with one calm boy or girl than to run and scream with several rowdy kids.
  • Russell is generally very easy-going. (When he was a baby, I never thought I would get to say that!)
  • But he has more moments of frustration lately – namely, if we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, or if he gets impatient and wants help with something. Frustration = screaming “I can’t! I need help!” or stomping around yelling “Noooo!”
  • Russell is currently on a gluten-free diet. We essentially put him on it to see if it would help with his attention span and concentration particularly in group settings, and it really seems to have helped.

Russell, you are funny, smart, and charming! We love you! Happy 4th birthday!

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