Monday, June 24, 2013

First Niece! and Weekend Pics

We had a wonderful (and very fast) weekend! 

Most importantly, our first niece and the kids’ first cousin was born on Thursday! Precious little Ella Grace weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and has a head full of dark hair…and I got to meet her on Saturday! My parents and I left Jason and the kids here and drove east to visit Jon, Meghan and Ella in the hospital for about an hour.

Just call me Aunt Jen! Ahhh, love her already!


Look at that sweet face!


And that head full of hair!


Rarely will you see such proud new parents as these two Smile


I’m so glad she was born then so I could visit, because I doubt I’ll be able to go again for a while (as I’m 37 weeks pregnant now!)

For the rest of the weekend, we had a great time with my parents. They spoiled all of us with presents Smile Russell was excited to get some more birthday presents, and Meredith got some new things too. I was excited to get a few things I wanted for the baby: a Beco carrier, a My Breast Friend (supposed to be much better than the (useless) Boppy), and a few other things!

Meredith does not understand smiling for pictures! She was happy; this is just the look she gives for cameras most of the time!


On Sunday after church we played at Grandmother’s house. We hadn’t been there in a couple weeks and the kids had a blast, as usual!




See what I mean? What kind of face is that?


What wonderful families we have been blessed with!

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