Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last days before Family of 5

My induction is scheduled for tomorrow morning! So much for third babies coming faster – all my babies seem to really like it in there! My due date was Saturday. Here’s a picture from Monday evening (40w 2d):


I have crossed everything off my list to get ready for baby! Car seat, bouncy seat, swing, crib have been cleaned; 10 dinners and 4 breakfasts are in the freezer (on top of the amazingly helpful meals we get from our church and our parents); hospital bag is packed; the nursery has Paige’s initials and places for her pictures instead of Meredith:


Also, Russell and Meredith have been sharing a bedroom for a few weeks now. I was so nervous about it, but it was such a smooth transition! We put them to bed at the same time, after our normal bath/PJ/brush teeth/read book/pray routine. They might talk for a few minutes, but that’s it. They know not to get out of bed (after they tested it out a couple times), and they have not had any problems sleeping all night. Russell used to wake up crying from nightmares sometimes, but that has not happened at all since they’ve been sharing a room! I think he’s comforted just knowing someone is in there with him. Meredith is doing wonderfully sleeping in a big girl (toddler) bed. She did fall out of bed one night, but otherwise, no problems. I do think she misses her crib and her room a little – sometimes she asks to get in the crib, and when I tell her to look for something in her room, she still goes to the baby’s room - but she has done well with the changes.


We’ve also been trying to have lots of fun as we wait for Paige!

We had false labor this past weekend, so Kacki and Paw Paw came up and stayed close by. Kacki and I made cow costumes for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A:


Today, we went to a bounce house! We haven’t been in a couple months or longer, and the kids were so excited! I wanted to do something they would love before everyone’s lives go haywire for a while Smile I got a picture when they stopped to eat a snack – besides that, they were in constant motion!


I guess for Type A people like Jason and me, a scheduled induction is not such a bad thing – but I am definitely DONE being pregnant – especially in July! My wedding rings came off a long time ago (but not long enough, because I had to use ice water and butter to get them off!) and I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel like I did with Russell, which is driving me crazy. But all in all, I do know how blessed I am to have relatively easy pregnancies. We’re ready to meet you tomorrow, little girl!

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