Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome, Paige Emily!

Little Miss Paige is finally here!

I was induced on Thursday morning, 7/18. We got to the hospital right at 7 am and started pitocin and my antibiotic for GBS (which I had with Russell also). The doctor broke my water around 8:45, and I decided to get the epidural around noon. I had the urge to push around 4 pm, and Paige was born at 4:16!


8 lbs 5 oz, 21.25 in long, 13.25 in head circumference. She has some blonde/brown hair (plus a dark tuft in the back just like Meredith had) and dark blue eyes that are sure to turn brown.


Russell and Meredith came to the hospital on Friday to meet her! They were so excited and so sweet and loving with her. Meredith’s frequent words are, “Can I take care of her?” – meaning, hold her/talk to her/rub her hair, etc.


Our first photo as a family of 5:


Two of our friends from church delivered babies the day before Paige was born! We did not get to meet miss Mary Mae in the hospital, but she is also a third child, with an older brother Russell’s age and an older sister who’s 14 (?) months. But we did get to meet little Keane, pictured below with his dad Lee:


So far, Paige is a very sweet baby! She looks JUST like Meredith did. She does not like getting her diaper changed, but we have also noticed that she’s having a reaction to Pampers, so maybe switching brands will help. She is a champion nurser and a good sleeper, although she’s waking up a bit more and therefore is a bit harder to put to sleep now. She did drop too much weight before my milk came in (down to 7 lbs 13 oz), but now she’s gaining it all back.


Precious Paige, you are so loved!

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