Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paige’s First Week

I know she’s only a week old, and she is still going to change, but so far, Paige is really the sweetest and most laid-back baby we’ve had. She’s also the only baby that has actually nursed (and nursed well) right after birth. She doesn’t cry much, and only if she’s hungry (and sometimes tired). She is very snuggly and sleeps well at night. I am now seeing why some people enjoy newborns so much!

Paige’s first time in the swing:


We had lots of family at our house the weekend we came home from the hospital.  Meeting 2 out of 3 great-grandmothers:


Precious face!


Russell is doing so well with this transition. Meredith is a little unsure about everything. She is a big mommy’s girl and is definitely missing some of that attention. But she always loves having Bogie around : )


Oh Mimi, how we love you!! She is THE BEST to me after having a baby: she makes all the meals, grocery shops, stays up with the baby when she’s fussy at 2 am (but hasn’t had to do that much with Paige), plays with the kids – in short, does absolutely everything anyone needs. I always have a meltdown when she leaves because she’s so good to us!



We (mostly Mimi) gave Paige her first sponge bath. Again, she was hungry and unhappy – but the timing worked for us – sorry Paige!


Russell wanted to help – he basically had to just watch since Paige was so upset.


Clean and in her Paige nightgown!


First time on her activity mat! She loved it and really watched all of the toys while I shook them at her : )


And one picture of my mom and Russell:


It has been such an awesome (and of course crazy) week.  We’ll see how things go tomorrow with just our family of 5!

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