Monday, January 21, 2013


On Thursday night, it started snowing!  The kids were both very excited.  On Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow.  It was just the kind I can tolerate: didn’t affect the roads too much but was fun to play in!  It was, however, a pretty icy snow, so we didn’t make a snowman, which disappointed Russell a little.


As you can see, Meredith downright refused to wear a hat or gloves, and therefore got quite upset when her hands got cold and wet!  I got Meredith’s cute snow bib and both kids’ snow boots (all for $5 each) at consignment sales!  Russell didn’t have any snow pants but we put windbreaker pants under his camos and he didn’t get wet, even despite laying in the snow with Jason.  Success!


Jason’s work was delayed 2 hours so he got to play with us a little!


They just can’t resist saying “cheese!”


We went on a little “snow walk” which they enjoyed.  Russell wanted to walk through snow at all times, so when the sidewalk was clear he would walk on the grass so he could walk through snow!


It was a fun little morning, especially since it had been raining ALL week and this was the first time we’d gotten to play outside!

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