Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Third Little Blessing!

Maybe I should say, our last little blessing!  We’re happy to say that baby #3 is expected to arrive later than 7/13/13.  (I say “later than” because these babies are not so timely with their due dates!)

After we had Meredith, Jason and I both felt that we weren’t quite done with kids, even though we had originally said we only wanted 2.  I kept thinking about both of my brothers and how, despite having to watch more G.I. Joe than I would have preferred or yelling that I was the princess and as knights they needed to save me when all they wanted to do was swordfight, I can’t imagine not having both of them.

We knew we would never regret having a third, but we might regret not having a third.  God says that children are a blessing and that’s what we’re hanging our hats on. Smile

Many of you saw this photo on Facebook:


Of course Meredith doesn’t quite understand it.  Russell has a much better understanding this time than he did before.  Of course, he doesn’t get why the baby can’t come out now, or why the baby won’t be sharing his room (I told him he and Meredith will be sharing a room, and he thinks the baby should too), or why we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.  But he really likes babies and he’s excited.  Meredith loves her baby dolls but real babies don’t interest her as much yet.  Also, as she’s still very attached to Mommy, I think she’s in for a little shock.

Jason, Russell and Meredith were all saying for a long time that they think it’s a boy.  Russell has now decided he thinks it’s a girl.  I am not so good at guessing so I’m staying out of it!

Here’s my belly at 13 weeks (pardon the dirty mirror):


You won’t believe this, but I’ve actually lost 8 or so pounds since getting pregnant.  (Chalk it up to morning sickness and a miserable virus.)  So, there is no real explanation for looking like I did at 26 weeks with Russell!

Pregnancy #3 first trimester summary:

  • night sickness – I’ve always had morning sickness, but this one has given me night sickness
  • lots of headaches; like, every other day
  • lots of different cravings, but nothing sweet: a bag of sour cream and onion chips with dip one day, ham and mayonnaise sandwiches, jalapenos, tacos – to name a few.

Family of 5, here we come!

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