Thursday, January 17, 2013

Russell at 3.5

Russell is 3 1/2! 


I am truly loving this age.  I know a lot of people say the 3’s are tough, but it’s not been that way with Russell.  He is fairly compliant, has a sweet heart, loves his sister and says funny and sometimes insightful things.

A few funny sayings:

“Mom, I’m quite a looker.”  (This came out of nowhere while eating lunch.  Neither of my children have confidence issues!)

After taking off his wet shoes and socks on a rainy day and discovering his feet were still wet: “Mom, can you please change my feet?”

When a Sunday school teacher asked him if his eyes were bothering him (she thought they looked glassy): “My eyes are like this because I’ve been exercising at the gym.” (No, we hadn’t been to the gym!)


His sister is his best friend.  They are really playing well together now and will go in her room and all I hear is laughter.  She still isn’t at the age where she completely understands turn-taking or sharing, and he is so generous with her, usually giving her longer turns even when we tell him he doesn’t have to.

Russell knows all of his letter sounds now and loves to figure out what letter particular words start with.  When I stress the beginning phoneme of a word, he can always tell me what letter it starts with.  He does not like to draw or write.  I know at this age he should be beginning to write letters and draw real pictures, but we’re not there yet. 

He would much rather an adult do something for him than do something independently.  He is completely capable of (mostly) dressing and undressing himself, but it is a struggle to make him do it.  Same with going to the potty, and he would even rather have someone spoon-feed him than feed himself (and I absolutely draw the line there!)


Russell has never met a stranger.  He talks to everyone and charms them all.  One of the gym childcare workers told Jason this weekend that Russell will surely grow up to be a talk-show host because he is hilarious.

Russell’s favorites: Still cars, of course – the boy is obsessed; McDonald’s over Chick Fil A; the colors green and red; anything sweet to eat; TV (he likes most cartoons (that we approve)); running – he would rather run around than play a sport; the Memory Cars game on my phone; Hi-Ho Cherry-O

Breakthrough: He is tolerating hair cuts now!!!  He still doesn’t like them (and will tell you that), but he will also tell you that he’s doing better and that he gets to watch CARS while he gets a hair cut Smile  He still usually has a little crying spell, but nowhere near the freakouts he used to have.

It is so much fun to watch him learn and grow – but I can’t believe how the years (but not the days) are flying!

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