Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boys’ night/Girls’ night

On Friday, Jason and Russell and Russell’s friends Cole and Chase and their dad Jamie went to the Monster Truck Jam at the coliseum!  I was so excited for them.  As a friend of mine later said, “I imagine that will be Russell’s Heaven – cars and monster trucks everywhere!”


Jason, being the great dad that he is, decided they all needed to get pit passes beforehand so that the boys could have an up-close and personal look at the trucks.  Also, he was concerned that the pit would be all they could make it to, since the actual show didn’t start until 7:30 and it was going to be very loud.  (They brought head piece/ear-muff-looking things but we weren’t sure if Russell would keep it on.)


He didn’t need to worry.  According to Jason’s report, Russell was totally enthralled with the show, kept the ear things on, and didn’t mind the noise.  His favorite part, Russell tells me, was when Megasaurus ate a car.  (It was a huge, metal, fire-breathing dinosaur that picked up a full-size car and chomped through it.  Jason showed me the video he took on his phone – it was wild!)

Some of Jason’s Instagram pics:





While the boys were doing that, Meredith and I went over to Grandmother’s house and then to CiCi’s Pizza to celebrate her 91st birthday!  Meredith really loved having our attention to herself – she was very good, but also a ham at dinner!


Safe to say that everyone had a fun night!

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