Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things to Remember

{We have had a low-key week – Russell ended up getting croup on Wednesday (although we didn’t know that’s what it was until Saturday, it was misdiagnosed at first) – so we’ve been keeping to ourselves.  He’s over it now though, so we’ll be out and about again starting tomorrow!}

All of these are cell phone pics – this one is Russell playing in our trailer:


I just want a little snapshot of Russell at this point in his life.  He’s growing and changing so fast!  Here’s the newest news about him:

Favorite song: Wheels on the Bus.  Every time we’re in the car, he wants it on repeat.

Favorite thing on TV: CARS.  While he was sick this week, he watched the entire thing every day.  When he’s not sick, I limit it to 30 minutes of the movie per day.

Favorite foods: yogurt-covered raisins, Graham Bites (graham cracker-ish things that are in the shape of the CARS characters), grapes, strawberries, cheese.

Favorite drink: “apple juice.” (half the time, it’s some other type of juice, but he thinks it’s all apple juice.)


Funny things:

1) The bathroom is right next to Meredith’s room, so when Meredith is sleeping and Russell has used the potty, I sort of whisper “yay!  you pee-peed in the potty!  I’m so proud of you!”  So now when telling someone else he went, he’ll often whisper, “pee-peed potty today!  So so so proud of you!” (yes, he calls himself “you".  And he always adds “today”.)

2) Cooking dinner is a huge accomplishment for me because both kids get crazy around 5 pm and they both just want to be held.  Generally, what ends up happening is that I’ll complete a small part of cooking, then have to hold Meredith in one arm while gathering ingredients/stirring/etc with the other.  Russell has been taking it upon himself to then grab both of my legs and walk with me, saying “goofball.  Goofball.” (because that’s what I call him when he does this.)  I wish I could take a picture – I know this  is quite a site.


3) Russell can say entire prayers now.  At meal times, he will say, “Dear Lord, thank you for this food.  Amen.”  At bedtime, I’ll say, “Dear Lord, thank you for” and before I finish, he interjects his own thoughts.  Some examples: Daddy, Fuzzy, lunch.

There are many, many more funny things; at least this way I’ll remember these few!

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