Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bad and Good

Two completely different things from the past 2 days:


1) Poor little Meredith has thrush and an upper respiratory infection.  Thank the Lord I don’t have thrush (yet at least) – well, I don’t think I do – I’ve been told I’ll know if I have it.  The doctor said hers is very mild.  As for the infection: she did have a cold last week, but since yesterday afternoon, her main symptoms have been not sleeping well, not eating well, and pulling at her ears, so obviously I thought she had an ear infection or was teething.  It wasn’t until tonight that she had a fever.  She’s now on Ny-something (for thrush) 4x/day and if the infection doesn’t clear up we’ll start Amoxicillin on Friday.  Poor baby girl!

On to better news:


2) Some family friends have started doing a devotional with their little girl once a week.  Just by her telling me, it made me want to do it – so thanks for the great inspiration, Kathy!  Our first family devotional was last night.  We had a lesson on Jesus calling His first disciples (Matthew 4:17-19).  We read the Bible verses, had Russell repeat verse 19, explained it (the best we could) in 2-year-old terms, and made a “fisher of men” door hanger craft.  We all really enjoyed it!


So there you have it: one thing I hope continues for 17+ years (family devotionals) and one thing I hope ends very very soon (illnesses)!  I’m nervous about this winter, sickness-wise.  We had plenty last year with just 1 kid – what will it be like with two?


  1. How's the thrush?? Sophia and I battled it for 2 months (she got it at a month old) and it was pretty rough! We both had it badly, so I'm happy for you to hear it hasn't been passed to you. I will be praying it goes away and STAYS away!

  2. Thanks, Betsy! I saw some in her mouth the other day so we're still working on it, but I still don't have it, PTL!