Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pops and Mimi visit

We had a wonderful, low-key weekend at home with my parents in town.  (It would have been more wonderful had Russell not been sick again, and had we been able to go to the 2 parties we were supposed to go to this weekend…but that’s life I guess.)

On Saturday, Mimi and Meredith read books – well, Mimi read books while Meredith tried to eat them.  I don’t remember Russell trying to eat books, so this is a little new to me.  I always have to have a toy or paci on hand when reading to Meredith so she doesn’t grab and eat the book.


My lovely parents (and sweet Bogie).


My aunt came into town and visited with us for a little while on Saturday afternoon.  Russell just loves Aunt Nancy.  The feeling must be mutual because she will play cars with him for a good long time!


We went out to dinner at CiCi’s Pizza on Saturday – close to our house, cheap, Russell loves pizza – can’t go wrong, right?  It started well: Meredith’s first time sitting in a high chair instead of her car seat and she was so happy and good, and we were excited to go out with my parents.  But we noticed Russell wasn’t eating (very unlike him) and was being pretty whiny but wouldn’t tell us what was wrong.  So I felt his forehead and he felt warm.  Then, he threw up all over his plate in the restaurant.  Not one of my favorite moments.  We went home immediately and did baths and bed.  I actually think he just got worked up – I don’t think it was a stomach bug.  He had a low-grade fever this morning (99) but that was it.  Who knows.

Anyway, because of that, my parents kept Russell at home this morning while the rest of us went to church:


He was better this afternoon (and even before nap time today) so we are ready for our first trick-or-treating experience tomorrow night!

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