Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

New Year's Eve is usually such a "no-kids" kind of holiday. Everything starts way past when they should be in bed. I decided to solve this problem by hosting a New Year's Eve open house. It was early - 4 to 6:30 - but we didn't care. Last year, I don't think we did anything for New Year's. This was really fun, a chance to get our friends together, and a chance for me to host a party in our new house!

I didn't really decorate, but did make a banner and some hors d'oeuvres:

NYE decor

I was most proud of the cake pops!! I followed Bakerella's basic recipe and they turned out so cute. But they took FOREVER to make, so I probably won't make them again for a long, long time.


We had (I think) around 20 people here - kids included. I was concerned it would seem too crowded but it was wonderful, and I think I could have invited a few more people without it being too much. I'll know for next time!

We got to have friends and family here, since my brother Jef and my parents came into town! It was really nice to have them here to help with Russell while I was cooking and cleaning and getting ready for the party...and of course, so I could socialize a bit during the party.

adults NYE

I think there were 7 kids under 3 here (plus 2 baking in mommies' bellies :)). They were all so good and played really well - not too many sharing problems. I left out some goldfish and apple cinnamon cheerios, which probably helped with their moods ;)

Kids NYE

A picture with almost all the playgroup moms - this was a first! We are always chasing kids and never get in the photos!


We had such a great time, and yet everyone was gone and everything cleaned up HOURS before the ball dropped :) Such is life with small children, I suppose! Happy 2011 everyone - may it be the best year yet!

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