Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Different Children's Museum

For one of Russell's Christmas presents, Pops and Mimi gave us reciprocal memberships to children's museums all over the country. So today, instead of going to the children's museum we always go to, we went to one in a nearby city.

WS childrens museum

Russell had 2 favorite parts:

1) The museum was having a Fancy Nancy party this morning. Yes, Fancy Nancy. I thought it was hilarious that he loved that party. I think it worried Jason a little ;) Actually, we both know why he loved that party: there was music to dance to, a stage to climb on, and a disco ball.

Here he is, in total awe of the lights and music:

lr038 (1 of 1)

Next photo: you can see there was one other little boy in there. Also, you can see the "runway" they set up - Russell loved that too (because of the big mirror and lights):

lr040 (1 of 1)

2) Second favorite thing was, of course, the parking lot. He just loves cars. He stood at this window for a while just looking at the parked cars.

lr062 (1 of 1)

Russell definitely had fun, but I think our children's museum is a little more geared toward toddlers. Anyway, this one will still be a fun and different thing to do occasionally.

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