Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dr's Appointment and Name

I had the glucose test this morning. Yuck. I know some women actually like to drink that stuff, but not me! It tastes like over-sugared Kool-Aid, and I've never liked Kool-Aid. I wonder why they can't just let you eat a pound of chocolate instead? :)

I also had the normal measure-and-listen appointment while I was there. I had thought that I was measuring the way I'm supposed to, but apparently I'm measuring 3-4 cm too small, just like I did with Russell. Since I've been through it before, I'm not concerned. But they still want me to come back next week to get re-measured, and if I'm still too small, I'll have another ultrasound.

Sweet baby girl's heart rate is "strong" (said the doctor), and she is active as ever - even kicked the doctor while he was measuring :)

I've decided it's time to go ahead and put her name up here! I've told a lot of people in person, so it's probably anti-climatic anyway:

Meredith Claire

Jason and I have strict "naming criteria," and this fit all of them. Plus, it's a beautiful name :)


  1. LOVE the name :) Of course I am biased with Meredith my sis :)

    Almost there....last trimester!!

  2. Glad to hear that little Meredith is doing well!

    I love the name Meredith Claire!! It's such a pretty name, and it ages well too! Great pick :D



  3. beautiful name! Nice and traditional! and it goes well with Russell!