Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 Cribs

We finally did it; we finally started working on Meredith's room. On Saturday, Jason assembled the hand-me-down crib we got from his cousins for Russell, and moved Russell's crib into Meredith's room.

We are giving Meredith all of Russell's furniture since his dresser has the changing table part (which she will need), and the hand-me-down crib may need to be passed on in a year or so - so it makes more sense for Russell to have it. And obviously we will need the glider in Meredith's room.

We are slowly transitioning Russell into this new (to him) furniture. We made a big deal about him getting a new crib, so he was actually really excited about it.

Here he is waking up from his nap today:


And here is Meredith's crib!


I started laughing yesterday while we were driving. Jason said, "What's so funny?" I said, "We have two cribs! We're going to have two babies!" Sometimes it seems very surreal.

And one more picture, this of Russell and me after church today:


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